The 8 play is a masterpiece…

..and it makes me realize, once again, how narrow minded people can be.

I do believe in God, I do go to church and I really do like it, but sometimes I have doubts not because of God or the purposes that we have but because of some people.

I do believe in marriage equality, marriage is Sacred and shouldn’t be denied to people who really love each other just because some people think they are “abnormal”. The real abnormal thing is that such a narrow mentality still exists in XXI century.

When I was younger I used to think to gay people as “cool people” like they were shown on silly tv shows, I thought that “being gay” was just a trend but through the years I learned that it is not.

It is how a person feels and it can’t be changed.

I’m not gay but I tried to imagine how I would feel if people considered my orientation wrong and I were not allowed to show my feelings, it sucks.

Love is Love, no matter what people think, genuine Love has to be celebrated with joy.

"You don’t have a soul, you ARE a Soul, you have a body." [Nietchzsche], people are people and nothing, no one, should suppress two souls that love each other.

Faith should be a synonym of Love and prejudice is not only ignorance but also Hate.

A Hate that most of the times constrains genuine people considered “wrong” to harm themselves, or worst, to suicide.

I really hope that people will, one day, make out that people who love are never wrong.

For you, whoever you are, I want you to know that ‘till you can love you’ll never be wrong and I do love you.


(Sorry, english is not my mother language so there must be several mistakes)